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To the only place where you can get all the help you need to produce top-rate Western fiction

Why should you chose us to help you with your Western fiction novel?


We live on a ranch and train and ride our own horses.

We have traveled and camped throughout the West and the Rockies.

We have performed research and have cultivated a knowledge of the history, and a feel for the lifestyles, of the Old West.
1-800 number for use in constant consultation between writer and editor.

Our Editing Services include

Proofreading - Finding obvious mistakes, proper punctuation

Copy Editing - Style, tempo, sentence structure, word usage, includes proofreading

Story Editing - Help with dialogue, character development, plot, local vernacular, colloquialisms. We use Microsoft Word, a wonderful program which makes it possible for the writer to either accept or reject any suggested edits. If you are not versatile with this software, we will be happy to give you a quick tutorial on the many tools that are included in this program.

Our other services include

Fact Checking and Research- If your story is based on actual historical facts, you probably want to make sure they are in fact...FACTS. Our fact checking will provide verifiable sources that back up the important facts in your manuscript. We also offer research services for authors looking for specific historical facts, lifestyle and occupational facts and information, animal husbandry, travel and transportation. Our research services can provide you with the simple information that adds interest and flavor to your characters, to the more complex facts that help support your plot and build your story line

Map Creation - Real and fictional maps. Stories involving geographic descriptions, multiple scenes of action and adventure, or complicated patterns of character movement, will benefit from a map. A map helps readers identify important events with the specific geographic locations where they took place. We can create maps from actual historical maps or from completely imaginary events in the book.

Illustrations - Illustrations are a great way to spice up your page layout. Custom designed pen and ink drawings added to each chapter page or full page illustrations placed throughout the book are an added touch readers enjoy. We can also work with you on illustrating a specific event in your book for your front cover.

Manuscript Formatting and Styles - Many writers have problems formatting their manuscripts, often times leaving font and formatting mistakes that reflect upon their work. A properly formatted manuscript gives your work the professional touch that publishers and agents expect from writers. We can help clean up the mistakes by applying styles and formatting to your document, eliminating improper paragraph indents and spacing, extra sentence spacing, mixed fonts and formatting in body text, mismatched chapter titles and many other common formatting mistakes. We can also add headers and footers to your pages that can include author name, book title, chapter titles and page numbers. We can also build table of content and index pages for your book.

Book Page Layout and Design - If you are self publishing your book, we can turn your manuscript into a document that is ready to send to your printer or publisher. Our book layout and design services include:
Typesetting - choosing fonts and type sizes for your book.
Page Layout - placement of text on individual pages and flow through the complete document.
Page Design - setting margins and arranging body text, header, footer, photos or images, captions, and page numbers on individual pages into a pleasant composition. Chapter title pages and section pages can be designed with simple text and/or graphic enhancements, or add a distinctive touch with illustrations.

Book Cover and Dust Jacket Design - Creative, imaginative cover design for western and historical fiction. Let us create a cover that will reflect the story and style of your writing. Authors are welcome to provide their own cover images or we can show you designs using our large library scenic photographs of western images. We also offer custom illustrations for more specific graphic requirements.
Web Site Design - Promote and sell your books on line. Inexpensive way to reach a worldwide market for your books and publications.
Home Page Editing Services Research & Fact Checking

Maps & Illustrations

Typesetting & Page Layout Book Cover & Dust Jacket Design Web Site Design

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